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Be The One is a global campaign anchored in raising awareness about pressing social, environmental and developmental issues and the urgency for action to solve them. We give people the tools and community to unlock their own power to create lasting change.

Be The One is organized by the Humanity Lab Foundation. Since 2017, the Humanity Lab Foundation has hosted initiatives in partnership with the UN Office for Partnerships and the Office of the President of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly to amplify global engagement around the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Humanity Lab Foundation is an innovative organization that realizes the untapped power and passion of people to be partners in solving complex global issues. By unlocking human potential, the Humanity Lab disrupts global development and policy making by putting people at the center of decision making. By leveraging innovation, technology, and the arts, the Humanity Lab curates programs that create community and catalyze change – both on and offline.


Be The One is launching at a time of grave uncertainty amidst COVID. While COVID has unearthed a realization that “we must do things differently,” it’s also helped us see the power of empathy, courage, community and unity.

Be the One is a campaign designed to ignite a global movement to mobilize passion, purpose and expertise to change the world. Our mission is to elevate our collective consciousness and adjust the frequency to “do good better,” by creating space for authentic and ethical leadership.

We believe that a collective shift begins with one person. If every single person does a tiny bit to act on an issue close to their own heart and community, and that is replicated by millions of others globally, then we can begin to build a better future for all – bit by bit, from the ground up.

Intended to build on the success of the ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (“Global Goals”) launched by world governments at the United Nations, –which drew on the voices of millions of people prior to their adoption in 2015 — Be The One leverages creative media partnerships, to make the Global Goals more accessible, easy to understand, and relatable to people and organizations around the world.

The Process

Prism X is in alliance with the Humanity Lab Foundation where our Founder serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and the Partnerships Lead for the Be The One campaign. We are proud to be a part of the campaign. Not only are our values aligned to those of the Foundations’, but we embody the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17: PartnershipsStrengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Together, we are committed to supporting and uniting governments, businesses, civil society and people to activate their purpose around a shared vision to achieve a better world. Through the innovative programming and strategic partnerships we design with the Foundation, we are working towards using the campaign as a way to facilitate civic engagement and mobilize action to solve complex global challenges, including promoting justice, gender equality, ending poverty, sustainability, ensuring peace, security, environmental protection and human dignity.

We are currently designing the global partnerships strategy that ensures collaboration and co-creation with values-aligned partners to make measurable impact at all levels of society, regardless of borders. Our vision is to scale the campaign and inspire a sustainable global movement. In alignment with our shared values, the team believes in developing authentic and meaningful pathways into how every human has the ability and power to unlock our leadership potential. To offer a tangible way for everyone to Be The One to create change, we have designed the Masterclass experience to ensure equal access to the tools and frameworks be available for change leaders in their communities.

Impact & Learnings - In Progress

This campaign launched on World Cultural Diversity Day for Dialogue and Development (May 21, 2020).

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